The Political Action Committee for a Better Marana, a newly formed citizens group, is in favor of the proposed Marana Regional Landfill, according to a release issued Friday.

"After taking the time to educate ourselves, we came to the conclusion that this landfill will benefit our community for generations to come" said Linda Zupi, chairwoman of the committee. "It is designed to be safe and will be a big economic benefit to Marana."

Zupi said the organization "reviewed the location, design and plan of operations, and we are convinced that the location is not only convenient but safe for local residents and the environment.

"In addition, the Marana Landfill will provide much-needed revenues for both the town of Marana and the Marana Unified School District," she said. "The Political Action Committee for a Better Marana strongly urges the town council to support this project by approving the rezoning of the property in question."

The rezoning question is expected before the town council on Aug. 17.

Members of the PAC live throughout Marana, including Gladden Farms adjacent to the Tangerine Landfill, as well as near the landfill site in West Marana. The PAC wants to "improve the quality of life for the residents of Marana by building a solid and diversified business/economic base and creating employment opportunities within the community," the release said.

Previously, the landfill proposal has been:

• Supported by the Marana Chamber of Commerce, which cites "convenient affordable access to a properly managed landfill in Marana" as "critical to our business members and the growth of the community." The chamber believes the landfill can help the town diversify its revenues, form a hub for commercial and industrial growth and economic development, and help Marana participate in the growing green industry movement.

The chamber did express concern that litter be controlled;

• Challenged by District 25 Rep. Patricia Fleming. "It concerns me greatly that such a large undertaking can continue to move forward while many in the community feel strongly that there is a need to engage in a public discourse and ensure basic safeguards are in place," Fleming wrote on June 17;

• Opposed by the Sierra Club Rincon Group. "We do not believe this proposal would survive the kind of public and scientific environmental scrutiny to which such a dangerous proposal should be subjected," writes chairman Roy Emrick. "We urge you to … subject the proposal to thorough and comprehensive environmental study that will show it deserves rejection."

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