Three major projects in and around Marana are well under way.

Twin Peaks Interchange, the widening and expansion of Camino de Mañana to connect I-10 to Dove Mountain Boulevard, and a new park near Cortaro and Silverbell are all under construction.

The Twin Peaks Interchange will connect the northern portion of Continental Ranch to I-10 directly, reducing traffic along Cortaro Road and curbing travel time. The addition will also connect traffic to the current road-widening and improvement project of Camino de Mañana, which should make a wider, quicker route for traffic traveling between Continental Ranch and Dove Mountain.

Scott Leska, Marana's capital improvement project engineering division manager, is looking forward to how the additions will improve traffic and travel time.

"With the opening of this corridor, it provides an opportunity for a vast amount of retail and commercial economic growth," Leska said. "There are well over 1 million square feet of retail space opening up.

"In addition to the Twin Peaks Interchange, this will relieve the congestion pressure that is occurring right now along Cortaro and with the residential areas of Continental Ranch."

The Regional Transportation Authority and Marana are funding 90 percent of the Camino de Mañana road project, which is about 10 percent completed. The project has involved a large-scale removal of saguaros and many other desert plants. The project also calls for about 220,000 cubic yards of back fill, which the town is saving about $3 million by using dirt from another town project.

For updates on the Twin Peaks project along with traffic alerts for the surrounding area, you can follow I10TwinPeaks on Twitter by going to

The park, which has not been named yet, is more than half completed. When it is open to the public, it will have two softball fields, two youth baseball fields and two soccer fields. There will be basketball and volleyball courts along with a big dog and small dog park.

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