Marana town government is contemplating a $136.95 million capital improvement projects budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Two road projects, the Twin Peaks ($60.07 million) and Camino de Mañana ($25.8 million) undertakings, account for 63 percent of the sum.

Other major projects in the proposed spending plan are a $6.13 million acquisition of 250 acres of land near the Marana Regional Airport, the $5.5 million Cortaro Silverbell District Park construction, a $5.5 million water line along Camino de Mañana, a $5 million improvement to the airport terminal, and $4.74 million for an air traffic control tower.

An array of funding sources would be utilized for Marana's capital improvements. If the spending plan is adopted in June, Marana's general fund would be tapped for a total of $600,000 for all the work, finance director Erik Montague told the town council last week.

Town Manager Gilbert Davidson told the council Marana's capital spending plan is "impacted just as much, if not more" than its overall budget by the town's budget crunch. He recognized the work of staff on the proposal. It takes "almost a year to vet through capital projects," he said.

The Twin Peaks Interchange construction project is the largest single item on the fiscal 2009-'10 Marana capital improvements schedule. Pulice Construction has begun work under a $50.5 million construction contract.

When it's all added up, the Twin Peaks project is going to cost "in the neighborhood of $70 million, Montague said. "That's the total cost of that project, from the beginning of the concept to the finished product," he told the council last week.

Under questioning by Councilwoman Roxanne Ziegler, Montague said Marana spent approximately $14 million on Twin Peaks right-of-way acquisition. Project design expenses add to the total cost.

Marana's water utility plans to spend $1.6 million to extend a water line across Interstate 10, the Santa Cruz River and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks as part of the Twin Peaks project. Those funds would come from bonds.

Ziegler urged town officials and the media to use total expenses when discussing and reporting on the Twin Peaks project.

"In the context of every project, we need to correctly state what the total cost is," Davidson said.

To pay for the Cortaro Silverbell District Park, Marana has "a combination of resources adequate to complete that park," including bonds and park impact fees, Montague said.

Money has been identified for Honea Heights sewer improvements ($300,000) and the Honea Heights neighborhood redevelopment ($700,000). The latter is "a large project," Montague said, and Marana is "still in the process of reviewing and finalizing all the numbers."

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