On Friday, March 19 at about 2 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the 100 block of Suffolk Drive in response to a burglary. When police arrived and after clearing the house, they walked with victim through the house. The victim said he noticed missing a 12-gauge shotgun, a .22-caliber rifle, three-fourth of a case of cigars, 14 Vicodin pills, 15 checkbooks and a 5-gallon jug filled with change. The total loss is estimated around $15,500. No arrests were made.


On Thursday, March 18 at about 9:45 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the 13000 block of Hammerstone Lane in reference to a burglary. When police arrived, they made contact with the victim who said she had searched the house and didn't find a suspect. The woman said when she got home the garage door was open. Officers did not see any signs of forced entry. After police searched the house, they asked the suspect if anything was missing. All she could notice that was missing was 10 $100 bills from her top drawer. The victim said her daughter's ex-boyfriend was the only person who had keys to the house. No arrests were made.


On Tuesday, March 16 at about 4 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to 1500 East Wilderness Drive in reference to criminal damage. The caller told police he saw someone throw rocks at a fountain until the top broke off, causing water to shoot up into the air. When police arrived, they found a suspect matching the description given by the witness. The suspect first denied throwing rocks, saying he saw someone else throwing them. He later admitted to throwing only small rocks at the fountain. The damage was estimated at $300. Representatives from the property pressed charges and the suspect was released to his mother and charged with criminal damage without incident.


On Tuesday, March 16 at about 11:45 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to reports of a car fire near the intersection of Oracle and Tangerine roads. When police arrived to the location, about 500 feet west of Oracle Road along Tangerine Road, they noticed people standing close to a burning motor home. Police asked the people to move away from the burning motor home and then asked if any people or pets were in the burning vehicle, if they needed medical attention and if there were any hazardous materials within the vehicle to which they answered no. The victims said they were traveling south on Oracle Road from Catalina when their vehicle stalled out near the intersection. The driver was able to coast through the intersection and onto Tangerine Road. After a failed attempt to restart the engine, the driver noticed smoke coming from the engine. When he opened the engine compartment door, which was in the center of the console area within the motor home, he saw flames on top of the engine. He then went to get a fire extinguisher and tried to put the fire out from under the passenger side front wheel. The fire consumed the vehicle from the dashboard to the back bumper. During the fire, several loud explosions were heard, which were most likely four 5-gallon gas cans filled with fuel and propane. During the incident, Tangerine Road was shut down between Oracle Road and Innovation Parkway.

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