Citizen of The Year
John “Moose” Creighton, pictured with his wife, Jean, has been named the SaddleBrooke Rotary Citizen of the Year. “Moose Creighton has always been there for everyone, doing the right thing,” said SaddleBrooke resident Yvonne Lind. courtesy of Linda Schreiber

“Moose sets a positive tone,” said SaddleBrooke fine artist, Jean Creighton, when asked to describe her husband of 55 years. Indeed, John “Moose” Creighton has a life-long lifestyle of volunteering wherever needed and enhancing the lives of others wherever he goes. Five years ago, Moose and Jean’s children held a 50th anniversary church celebration, including a fantastic reception with all the trimmings, just to honor their parents. So many people were eager to attend that the MountainView clubhouse bustled with more than 200 guests recognizing a humble couple who continually help others because it is the right thing to do. “Our three children all have a great work ethic, too,” said Moose.

That dedication to the community and to friends, family and strangers is why the SaddleBrooke Rotarians named Moose their Citizen of the Year. We’re so proud of his selfless acts of kindness.

SaddleBrooke resident Yvonne Lind said, “Moose Creighton has always been there for everyone, doing the right thing.  He is a good friend who came to the aid of my husband and myself when we were both very ill at the same time. My husband was not able to walk. Moose took me to the hospital to get the help I needed, and then took care of getting our dog into a good kennel.  He is an absolutely amazing patriotic man.  He is a Marine who does a lot for everyone.” 

Moose is an “unsung hero” among us. He organizes local charitable events to help individuals without hope. Among his countless achievements are:

• The creation of a public charity event and selling of tickets, contributing all proceeds for medical needs to a sick child in a struggling family when it was in dire straits.

• The organization of a Catalina bicycle raffle event for a child strongly in need of college funds.

• Service on the Board of Elders at Ascension Lutheran Church, Tucson. His personal volunteerism has included travel with a team to help, as needed, at the Casa de Elizabeth Orphanage, Imuris, Sonora, Mexico.

“If people have needs, Moose goes to bat to see that those needs are met,” said Colleen McKee, the former United States coordinator for Casa de Elizabeth Orphanage.  If no one else is helping, Moose is there.”

Moose says little about being awarded the Purple Heart for his heroic service as a Marine serving in Chosin, Korea, but his dedication to his military brothers and sisters remains true. He continually volunteers to support Arizona military troops and families. Marine Corps Reserve Company A, operating from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, is lucky to have Moose as its liaison officer from the Tucson Troop Support group. 

Company A troops have served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Djibouti. The needs of military families in all branches of the service are not being met, so Moose helps. Items such as food and diapers are needed, and Moose finds a way through Tucson Troop Support to lend a helping hand. He works with others to supply the Tucson Airport Military lounge for traveling troops. Moose is certainly a Marine’s Marine. 

SaddleBrooke Rotary is proud to recognize Mr. “Moose” John Creighton as the Citizen of the Year.

The public is welcome to join SaddleBrooke Rotarians at any Thursday luncheon meeting, which is held in the HOA No. 1 Vistas dining room in SaddleBrooke. For more information, call 825-4478.

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Moose definitely deserves this award. He and Jean have been friends of our family for several years and are always willing to help other people. I think they are a wonderful example of Jesus' commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Thank you both for your work

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