Opponents of a landfill on ground west of Marana continue their pleas to the town council against the project, and in opposition to annexation of ground intended for the commercial facility.

At last week's town council meeting, Charles Goddard expressed his belief that reliance upon Central Arizona Project-delivered water as part of the drinking water supply is uncertain.

"When CAP is no longer an option, the water beneath our feet will be our only hope," Goddard said.

Melissa Rohlik questioned the financial stability of DKL Holdings principal Larry Henk, whose name is associated with seven different corporate listings in Arizona. "Which one of these Larry Henks is going to be the developer of the landfill?" Rohlik asked. "If he does default, who picks up the bill? You?"

Richard Swartz pointed to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as evidence that things can go wrong. DKL Holdings wants to construct a landfill with impermeable lining. It would not accept liquid nor hazardous wastes.

"I'm sure BP Oil guaranteed no problems with drilling when they applied for a permit," Swartz said. "Now we know the consequences of that." He called for a "completely independent environmental study of the proposed landfill. … Please be very cautious, don't race to a conclusion."

Pam Ruppelius suggested that, with landfill proximity to Marana Regional Airport, the community would lose potential jobs at an expanded airport to the "20 jobs associated with the proposed landfill."

"We're asking for a denial of the annexation," Ruppelius said.

Councilwoman Roxanne Ziegler praised the decorum of people who have addressed the landfill subject before the council.

"You have conducted yourself in a very nice, professional way," Ziegler said. "Thank you for that. … We hope to treat you the same way." With regards to the Saguaro Ranch easement dispute, "we were called everything, liars, cheats, and that doesn't get you anywhere."

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