The Oro Valley Town Council plans to revisit a proposed employee group reorganization at the Wednesday, Dec. 1 meeting.

The council sent the plan back to Town Manager Jerene Watson at the Nov. 17 meeting, after members expressed concerns over possibly having less involvement in workplace issues. Their main issue was the proposed elimination of an annual council/employee forum designed to allow workers to provide feedback to elected officials.

A similar meeting has been included into the revised proposal.

“Annual or bi-annual employee exchanges with the Town Manager and/or the Town Council are a tool that will be explored for interest by employees if desired as a complement to the self-directed team approach,” the new proposal reads. “The Town Council may also request to host exchanges with employees as desired.”

Councilman Joe Hornat, who opposed the original changes, said the revisions don’t go far enough to keep the council in the loop.

“I’m still not satisfied,” Hornat said. “I would still like to see it as a policy and not an administrative directive.”

The councilman said the plan doesn’t provide any mandate that the annual meeting between employees and the council take place. That’s a problem for Hornat.

“Administrative directives do not have the same weight as policy,” he said.

The plan would still include a “First Look Team,” made up of seven volunteers selected by the town manager and executive management team, that would oversee smaller employee groups called “squads.”

Squad membership would be drawn from supervisory level employees, mid-level managers and non-supervisor employees.

These groups would take up designated tasks and make recommendations to the First Look Team. That group would have the authority to approve or deny the proposals.

Council approval of the proposal would eliminate the existing employee organization, which has seen flagging membership over the past several years.

The new organization is designed to have greater employee input and participation.

The Oro Valley Town Council meets Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 6 p.m. at 11000 N. La Cañada Drive.

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