Marana police officers recently used a Taser against a man running around the Dove Mountain shopping center claiming people were after him.

On Saturday, July 19, Jeffery Givens, 40, drove up to Officer Ed Muszala and asked to file a police report about someone who allegedly had been following him.

Muszala suggested that they pull into the Dove Mountain shopping center to discuss the matter.

Givens had all his personal items with him in the car as well as a large dog.

At first, Givens did not believe Muszala was a real police officer and instead ran into the nearby Bashas’ grocery store, according to a police report.

Givens told the store’s employees to, “call 911, I’m being stalked,” according to witnesses’ statements.

Inside, Muszala drew his Taser and told Givens to put his hands behind his back, but instead the man ran for the exit.

Before the store’s automatic door opened, the officer used the Taser against Givens. Muszala told him that if he did not stop resisting he would receive another shock.

Givens ran across the parking lot, pulling a Taser probe from his arm. He said “he was concerned ‘for the children’ on the Internet and that they would be killed by the people pursuing him,” according to Muszala’s incident report.

The suspect ran into oncoming traffic along Dove Mountain Boulevard before two more officers arrived to join in the chase.

Officers eventually caught up with Givens, who then was taken to Northwest Hospital on Tangerine Road, where a blood screening found that he did not have any alcohol or illegal drugs in his system.

“(Givens) stated he was concerned for Britney Spears’ children and stated something to the effect of she might be coming after him because he had written something online to make them come after him,” Muszala wrote in an incident report.

Givens was cited on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and later released.

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