A Golder Ranch Fire District fire stations in SaddleBrooke caught on fire early Wednesday morning.

The fire started in the communications room around 12:45 a.m. at SaddleBrooke's original fire station, located at 63735 E. SaddleBrooke Blvd., according to Golder Ranch Fire District fire chief John Fink.

Because the fire started in the communications room, Fink speculated the fire may have been caused by an electricity issue.

Capt. Antonio Benjamin was on duty and sleeping in a nearby room when he was awakened by the sound of crackling and popping, Fink said. After seeing the room was engulfed in flames, the captain woke the other five firefighters on duty. Fire dispatch was contacted.

Fink said the fire had already spread to the vehicle bay, where it slightly damaged lights, paint and hoses on an engine truck and an ambulance. Five other Golder Ranch fire stations responded to the blaze. The fire was contained and under control in about 30 minutes, and there were no injuries.

The communications room and its equipment were lost, along with personal items, fire department files, training materials, hoses, protective clothing and other items.

Fink said it appears the building is still structurally sound, but will need to be gutted and restored at a rough estimate of $500,000.

SaddleBrooke founder Ed Robson has offered the department three furnished, nearby two-bedroom villas for the firefighters free of charge for as long as they need. It may be several months before the fire station is restored and of use, Fink said.

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