The Oro Valley Town Council unanimously passed a resolution June 3 opposing an Arizona Legislature proposal to sweep impact fees from cities and towns into the general fund.

The resolution also opposes the legislature's proposal to place a moratorium on impact fees for three years.

"Suspending impact fees would force our existing residents to subsidize new development through higher taxes and reduced services," said Councilwoman Salette Latas in a release. "The public needs to understand that homebuilders are using the state legislature to undermine Oro Valley's ability to protect our existing taxpayers from having to subsidize any new growth."

The council opposes the sweeping of impact fees for several reasons. It questions the legality of such a move, and its impact on economic recovery. The resolution argues a moratorium would have devastating effects on the town's goals "to apply environmentally friendly and innovative codes such as graywater, solar harvesting and solar hot water codes to developments that have been administratively approved but not yet built, undermining efforts on the part of municipalities statewide to protect groundwater supplies and to promote energy conservation."

The resolution has been forwarded to local legislators, as well as the president of the Arizona State Senate and the speaker of the Arizona House.

Mayor Paul Loomis attended a Monday meeting at the State Capitol, where Gov. Jan Brewer met with mayors to talk about her budget proposal. The League of Cities executive committee voted to support the Brewer plan.

"These are some interesting times in this upcoming month" with regard to the budget, Loomis said. "The scenarios don't look very pretty."

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