Primary elections for the Marana Town Council aren’t for another six months, but that hasn’t stopped Larry Steckler from getting his paperwork in, so early in fact, that the town clerk rejected his application.

The Long Realty agent attends most town council meetings and believes he should be sitting on the other side of the dais next year.

The four-year terms for incumbents Patti Comerford, Herb Kai, Carol McGorray and Jon Post are up for grabs in the March primary and May 19 election.

Those wishing to run for town council may turn in their paperwork to the town clerk no earlier than Nov. 10.


 Why run for council?

A “We’re in a high-growth period, in spite of the current business atmosphere. Some of the council members have such deep personal interest in the community that they frequently have to step down from votes and subjects that are considered.”


 Besides growth, what other issues affect the town?


 “One of the things that I really strongly feel needs to be done, and now I’m taking a clue with what went on in Las Vegas, roadwork needs to be done at night. While it does cost a little bit more to work at night … it actually moves along faster. Another major issue is water. We know what Marana is currently doing to try to get its rightful ownership of the wastewater system. If that isn’t done within the next five to 10 years, growth in Marana will be stopped because of lack of water.”


 What’s your opinion of the current council?

A “I’m very happy with the current council. It’s kind of interesting to me in the last election there was a big whoop-de-do about groupthink. If you look at the voting since the new council, 99 percent of it is still groupthink and that’s not necessarily bad, because it’s my understanding they have extensive study sessions and do a lot of work before each council meeting so that they are able to come to conclusions without a lot of discussion.

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