The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office is recruiting volunteers to serve within its Community Services Bureau.

Sheriff Paul Babeu will host a breakfast on Monday, March 28, at the Mountain View Clubhouse, 38759 S. Mountain View Blvd. The continental-style breakfast will start at 9:30 a.m.

Babeu and PCSO Lt. Tamatha Villar will share information about their volunteer programs and explain why volunteers have become more valuable than ever. They will discuss the various volunteer opportunities within the Sheriff’s Office, including the reserve deputy program, posse, victim services, search and rescue, and administrative volunteer programs.

One of the sheriff’s top priorities in the area of volunteer services in 2011 is to grow the number of reserve deputies and posse volunteers within the Sheriff’s Office.

Posse members are highly trained, receiving similar curricula and training to that of a sheriff’s deputy. Posse members perform tasks that are geared toward assisting the deputies and communities served by PCSO.

The PCSO Posse also assists with community events and working with the PCSO Youth Explorers, a program for young adults. Babeu and Villar hope to recruit 20 to 30 people, who then will attend the Posse Academy beginning in August. They also hope to recruit retired police officers and deputies who are able to pass the Arizona Post Certification Waiver Test to become fully certified Arizona peace officers and reserve officers for PCSO.

The volunteers already serving PCSO come from a variety of backgrounds. They include retired doctors, attorneys, teachers, police officers, homemakers, carpenters and business owners, to name a few.

For more information about the breakfast, call Don Stein at (520) 866-5221 or e-mail Information regarding volunteer opportunities also can be found at

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