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Suspect crashes in on police

It was raining suspects for some Riverside, Calif., police.

For five hours last Friday officers had sought Henry Gabriel Pereyra for arrest on suspicion of violating a restraining order, a department statement said.

Police had been flagged down by a civilian process server who told them the 48-year-old Pereyra was illegally in the home of his estranged wife.

Officers arrived at the house and asked Pereyra to come out but got no response.

They eventually entered the house and were searching for the suspect when he fell through the ceiling, landed right in front of them and was promptly arrested.

He had been hiding in the attic.

Pereyra was taken to Riverside Community Hospital, treated for minor injuries then booked into a county jail.

5-foot gator found in Chicago River

First there was a wily coyote in Chicago’s downtown. Then an ill-fated cougar on the North Side. Now authorities have captured an alligator in the Chicago River.

An employee of a metal manufacturing company found the 5-foot-long reptile Friday in the river’s South Branch.

Alligators are found in the U.S., but usually in warmer climes like Florida rather than this Midwestern city, which is the country’s third largest.

The alligator didn’t try to attack anyone and was safely pulled from the river by a reptile expert, said Anne Kent, director of the city’s Animal Care and Control Department.

The alligator was probably a discarded pet, officials said. It’s now in the custody of the reptile expert.

The alligator was probably attracted to the river by carp, Kent said.

A coyote surprised customers when it walked into a Chicago sandwich shop last year. And police shot and killed a cougar found roaming the city in April.

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