Documents and decisions concerning the future of a commercial landfill in west Marana are moving forward … if not at the identical pace.

Next Tuesday, July 20, the Marana Town Council is conducting a public hearing on the zone change that would accept the Marana Regional Landfill Specific Plan, the document that would govern land use on the 590-acre parcel proposed for an estimated 50-year commercial landfill.

The governing board may not make a decision on the rezone Tuesday, according to Kevin Kish, Marana's general manager of development services.

"Currently we only have the rezoning item on the agenda, and are requesting a continuance to finalize the development agreement," Kish said. "The hearing is going to occur."

The separate development agreement, "a mutual agreement between the developer and the town" within which the parties agree to terms and conditions that may not be legislatively required, has not yet been finalized, Kish said. "Internally, we haven't sat down to even digest it at this point," he added.

Developer DKL Holdings has submitted its draft development agreement to the Town of Marana; details from that document can be found on page nine of this edition. Items within the development agreement — still in draft form — include host fees payable to town and school governments, free access days, neighborhood container placements, company litter pick-ups and more.

Town staff wants to finalize the development agreement with DKL Holdings, and then bring the entire subject back to council.

Kish expects the continuance would take it to the council's first meeting in September. "That would give us August to do a study session with the council on the development agreement," Kish said. When a development agreement is finalized, "it would be on the agenda" for council consideration — and public comment — at a future meeting.

Michael Racy, representing DKL Holdings,  hopes the Marana Regional Landfill Specific Plan, the development agreement between DKL Holdings and the town, and other related documents would move forward concurrently.

"We would want everything to go together," Racy said Monday. "In our view, we have to talk about the two at the same time. They really all need to be in a package."

The Marana Regional Landfill Specific Plan is complete, as part of the rezoning. It is being forwarded to the council for Tuesday's meeting, and includes "recommended conditions in the report, just in case the council wants to discuss appropriate conditions, or feel we're missing one, or want to ask about one of them," Kish said.

A specific plan is "a unique zoning district for property, and in this particular case, one that would zone the property partly open space, and partly for the landfill operation itself," Kish said. "Within the specific plan, there are detailed development standards for each one of those districts," among them building height limitations, building setbacks, fencing requirements and more.

The Marana Regional Landfill would be required to secure 16 separate permits. Estimated time to secure those permissions is 18 months to two years, at a cost near $1 million.

Racy said zoning must be changed before regulators consider permit applications.

"The regulatory agency wants to know the land is authorized, and entitled for that use, before they go through the permitting process," Racy said.


Hearing on landfill zone next Tuesday

A public hearing on the rezoning of land for the Marana Regional Landfill is scheduled before the Marana Town Council on Tuesday, July 20.

Comments would be accepted at a hearing beginning at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The Planning Center, representing DKL Holdings Inc., is asking Marana to rezone approximately 590 acres of land now annexed within Marana's western limits from minimum lot sizes of 180,000 square feet to the Marana Regional Landfill Specific Plan.

That regulation is an industrial master-planned area that would allow for "a regional landfill and material recovery operations as well as other industrial uses," according to published notice of the hearing.

The property is one mile north of Avra Valley Road, one mile east of Trico Road and one-half mile south of Silverbell Road.

Within the 590 acres, 430 acres would be use for the solid waste disposal area.

Marana's contact on the rezone is Brian Varney. He may be reached at 382-2600.


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