Oro Valley Town Council members named Councilman K.C. Carter vice mayor at last Wednesday’s meeting.

By a 6-1 vote, with Mayor Paul Loomis opposed, fellow members approved Carter to the yearlong post.

Carter replaces Councilman Al Kunisch as vice mayor.

Duties of the vice mayor include filling in when the mayor is absent. The vice mayor also would fulfill the mayor’s duties if a mayor has to vacate the position.

In that event, the vice mayor would serve out the term of the mayor or the vice mayor’s original term, whichever expired first.

Council enacts new rules for general plan changes

The council approved a resolution requiring applicants for general plan amendments to hold public meetings prior to submitting an application. 

Changes to the town plan often are required before zoning changes can be enacted and construction projects begin.

Previously, after submittal of general plan applications, one public meeting was required before the proposal was discussed at planning and zoning commission meetings and a second meeting prior to discussion before the town council.

The meetings had to be held at separate locations in the town.

Those requirements remain in place, however, applicants now have to hold two additional meetings before they could submit change requests.

Those meetings likely would be held at town hall with the coordination of planning and zoning department, but also could be held at locations chosen by the applicant.

The two newly required meetings would not fulfill the town’s obligation under state law to hold public meetings when moving toward alterations of the general plan.

Town’s bond rating upgraded

Oro Valley recently received notice that the financial services firm Standard & Poor’s had upgraded the town’s bond rating.

On the S&P scale, which ranges from AAA at the top of the measure to D at the base, the town was rated AA-. The rating means the town poses minimal risk to creditors.

Previously, the town held a rating of A.

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