Work on town's first cemetery to start soon
Rendering courtesy of John Aries, The Marana Mortuary and Cemetery would stand on 23.49 acres. jona

Work could start in the next few months on a mortuary, crematorium and cemetery facility in Marana, according to town spokesman Rodney Campbell.

Marana Mortuary and Cemetery Properties has submitted a building plan for the facility, which would stand on 23.49 acres, with a Meritage Homes development and the Rancho Marana development on the south and some multi-acre parcels to the west.

“We don’t have a day for the groundbreaking yet, but we are trying to get all permits, including some from the state, taken care of now,” said Jon Aries, director of Swan Management, a partner in the development of the proposed facility.

Aries said officials would like to start building the chapel and the mortuary before June 30 and hope to have it ready in the summer of 2010.

They plan to have 50,000 square feet of burial areas initially.

“We think we’ll have significant burial areas available by the end of the year,” Aries said. “And we hope we will be able to start selling burial rights within 30 or 45 days.”

The development agreement with Marana Mortuary and Cemetery Properties was approved Jan. 6.

Mayor Ed Honea has long advocated the creation of a Marana cemetery and has often mentioned the prospect in his annual “state of the town” addresses.

The development agreement allows a full-service mortuary, crematorium and cemetery facility, which may include a mausoleum and other burial sites.

It also allows for the construction of a chapel and a flower shop.

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