The Pinal County Manager will be presenting a proposal to eliminate a backlog of accrued overtime and adopt a new policy that favors accrual of compensatory time in lieu of overtime payments. 

The presentation will take place during the Board of Supervisors regular session on Jan. 12. The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. at the administration center, 31 N. Pinal St., building A, in Florence, Ariz. The overtime compensation is the 15th item on the agenda.

“I welcome the proposal that staff is bringing forward for our consideration. Personnel costs account for a significant portion of the county’s General Fund and, as an organization, we must do a better job of managing overtime,” Board Chairman Pete Rios said. 

“Every department and elected official is being asked to do more with fewer resources.  I hope that we can take care of this (on Jan. 12) because controlling overtime means funds will be available for essential services,” Rios added.

Rios is also anxious to compensate Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies and other county employees for their past overtime hours before implementing the new policy.

Pinal County staff members are presenting the policy to the Board following several discussions at prior Board meetings when the issue of accrued overtime has been raised.  Presently, approximately $1.6 million in overtime has been accrued by county employees. The staff proposal will include a provision to pay out all accruals to zero out the balance.

The draft policy on overtime compensation was shared with the Board staff and all elected officials for their input.

“This is the direction the Board needs to establish going forward if efforts to control property tax rates are to be meaningful. What worked two or three years ago simply will not work today with the rate that revenues have declined,” County Manager Fritz Behring said.

The policy proposal drafted by the Human Resources Department adopts at the local level and mirrors the latest provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The draft policy would require employees to deplete any balance of comp time prior to the use of vacation hours.

Managers, department heads and those in senior leadership positions are typically considered Exempt employees. Exempt employees earn a flat salary and are not subject to the accrual of overtime or compensatory time.

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