Through Sept. 22, the town of Oro Valley and the Ladies Auxiliary to Veterans of Foreign Wars are gathering donated items at the town hall and the Oro Valley Public Library for shipment overseas to American troops.

Items collected are going to Landstuhl, a military hospital in Germany that receives wounded soldiers.

“Though the Red Cross and other organizations work hard throughout the year to provide the men and women at Landstuhl with the basics, many additional items and supplies are needed,” a release said.

Needed items include wheelchairs in good condition; video games (Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360); shower shoes; disposable razors; shaving cream; travel-sized toiletries; sewing kits; toothbrushes; travel pillows; winter jackets; board games; black backpacks; pajama and workout pants; AAFES gift cards, magazine subscriptions; microwave-safe dish sets; DVDs (new releases, no war-related or overly violent films please); MP3 player headphones and phone cards.

Collection boxes remain in place through that Monday, Sept. 22. Items received are being shipped with several large banners filled with wishes, prayers and words of encouragement from Oro Valley residents to U.S. troops. The banners were made available to sign at Oro Valley’s Fourth of July celebration, and at the library throughout July and August.

For more information, call the town hall at 229-4700 or Kim Sloan at 577-7800.

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