GOP looks ready to claim all statewide offices

With 60 percent of polls reporting, Arizona's Republican Gov. Jan Brewer has claimed victory.

The current and likely future governor already gave a victory speech, proclaiming a win over Democratic challenger Terry Goddard.

As of 9:35 p.m., the Arizona Secretary of State has Brewer at 55.79 percent and 641,494 total votes. Goddard lags behind with 41.11 and 472,691 votes.

In the race for Arizona Attorney General, Republican Tom Horne maintains a lead over Democratic candidate Felicia Rotellini. Horne has 589,756 votes, 52.72 percent, to Rotellini's 526,582, 47 percent.

In other statewide contests, Republican Doug Ducey looks poised to claim the job of State Treasurer over Democratic candidate Andrei Cherney. Ducey has 588,150 votes, 53.18 percent, to Cherny's 445,318, 40.27 percent.

Republican John Huppenthal has netted 623,304 votes, 56.38 percent, of the vote to defeat Democrat Penny Kotterman in the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Kotterman has 480,584 votes, 43.47 percent.

Republican Secretary of State Ken Bennett looks to have easily staved off a challenge from Democrat Chris Deschene. Bennett took 59.25 percent of the vote as of 9:35 p.m. to Deschene's 40.6 percent.

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