On Monday, Aug. 23, at about 9:30 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to the Canyon del Oro Bridge on La Cañada Drive in reference to graffiti. The officer made contact with an Oro Valley town employee who noticed green spray painted graffiti spelling "TMK" on the west side barricade on the southbound side approximately around the middle of the bridge. The employee said it would cost about $150 to repaint the graffiti. No arrests were made.

On Friday, Aug. 20, at 4:40 p.m., a victim who said two of his vehicles had been gone through and items stolen approached an Oro Valley police officer. The victim said his two vehicles were left unlocked in the driveway on the 2100 block of Bedrock Lane. The victim said he was missing a garage door opener from each vehicle, an iPhone charger, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. The officer noted that another officer had earlier come across a subject in the same area who fled when approached, leaving behind a backpack. Within the backpack, police found a garage door opener and an iPhone charger. The victim was told to contact the detectives working on cases of thefts in the area to retrieve his property.

On Friday, Aug. 20, at about 10:40 a.m., an Oro Valley police volunteer called dispatch saying he had noticed a dog left in a vehicle for about 30 minutes in the parking lot of Kohl's on Oracle Road. When an officer arrived, he checked on the dog. The vehicle's windows were cracked open about an inch. The outside temperature was about 92 degrees. The officer went into the store and had the owner of the vehicle meet him at the car. When the owner of the vehicle arrived a couple minutes later, she told police she had only been shopping for a minute and left her dog in the car for only a moment because she wasn't going to spend long shopping. When the door was opened, the officer noticed the 10-year-old greyhound dripping with sweat and feces was all over the inside of the vehicle. The owner said, "Oh wow, it does look pretty bad in here," according to police reports. "This happened over a very short period of time, too." The officer asked the owner to turn on the vehicle's air conditioning. As the officer was talking to the subject, another woman approached the vehicle, observed the dog, and stated that the subject was trying to kill the dog. She demanded the dog be given water and would not leave until the officer got water from his vehicle for the dog. The officer started pouring water over the dog's head in an attempt to cool the dog down. The woman continued to accuse the dog owner for not caring for her pet and being a bad person. The police officer told the woman she would be arrested if she did not leave. The dog owner was cited for leaving an animal in a car.

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