Rep. Nancy Young Wright, the incumbent Democrat in the District 26 House race, conceded defeat Tuesday.

“While the margin has narrowed, it appears we won’t prevail in the final vote count,” Young Wright said. “But we certainly gave it our all.”

As of Wednesday evening, Nov. 10, Young Wright trailed Republican Rep. Vic Williams by 745 votes — .65 of 1 percent — in their bid for a second seat in the Arizona House with Republican Terri Proud.

Young Wright said she was proud of the race she ran, and pointed out a victory within the Pima County portion of the district.

Young Wright thanked her husband Allen and her steering committee, and congratulated winners Vic Williams and Terri Proud.

“I’m proud of my legislative record during the past three years,” with emphasis on public schools and universities, clean air and water, state parks and health care, she said.

“I’ll continue working hard to improve our community and especially to improve educational opportunities for our youth,” Young Wright said. “Arizona depends on all of us. Let’s keep faith and continue working together for a brighter future.”

District 26 House, as of 5:25 p.m. Nov. 10
Rep. Nancy Young Wright, D 32.24 percent 37,435 votes
Terri Proud, R 34.67 percent 40,247 votes
Rep. Vic Williams, R 32.89 percent 38,180 votes

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