Marana's many-month consideration of a commercial landfill proposal may come to a formal conclusion this Wednesday, Nov. 3, when the town council holds public hearings on both the development agreement with DKL Holdings and the zoning change that would allow the project on land owned by Vice Mayor Herb Kai in the community's western edge.

Public hearings on both the development agreement and the zone change begin at 7 p.m. Wednesday – moved from its regular Tuesday slot because of Election Day – at the municipal complex.

The development agreement contains terms and conditions agreed to by DKL Holdings and the Town of Marana regarding the Marana Regional Landfill, a 430-acre facility to be built on 590 acres of land north of Avra Valley Road, east of Trico Road and south of Silverbell Road. The document provides "certain assurances and protection of rights" to DKL Holdings, as well as "appropriate assurances" and "appropriate community benefits and fees" to the town.

The council can do one of three things Wednesday with regard to the agreement, according to a public notice. It could accept the development agreement as it is, modify and approve the agreement, or reject the agreement, in whole or in part.

The rezoning and general plan amendment would shift the 590-acre parcel from a rural development designation to the Marana Regional Landfill Specific Plan, an industrial master plan allowing for a regional landfill and material recovery operation as well as other industrial uses, according to the published public notice on the subject.

Council is scheduled to consider both subjects simultaneously.

Brian Varney is the town planning department's point of contact on the requests. He may be reached at 382-2600.

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