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Posted: Tuesday, September 9, 2008 11:00 pm

News of the weird compiled by the Associated Press

Sting gone bad: Deputies lose 75 pounds of pot

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office says a suspect made off with a police vehicle and 75 pounds of marijuana they had used for bait in a drug sting.

Deputies from the county’s drug task force set up the deal to close out a monthslong investigation in Casa Grande. Court records show undercover deputies agreed to trade a Hummer vehicle for the marijuana they possessed from a prior drug seizure.

But the deal went sour last Wednesday at a mall parking lot off Interstate 10 when five men showed up in the Hummer and a pickup. One got into a sedan with the pot and drove away before a SWAT team could close in. The other four were arrested.

Cops kick in door over bird’s cries

Cries for help inside a house in Trenton, N.J., turned out to be nothing but a talkative cockatoo.

Neighbors called police last Wednesday morning after hearing what they believed was a woman’s persistent cry of “Help me! Help me!” coming from a house. Officers arrived and when no one answered the door, they kicked it in to make a rescue. But instead of a damsel in distress, officers found a caged bird with a convincing call.

It was not the first time the 10-year-old bird named Luna said something that brought authorities to the home of owner Evelyn DeLeon.

About seven years ago, the bird cried like a baby for hours, leading to reports of a possible abandoned baby and a visit to the home by state child welfare workers. But it was only Luna practicing a newfound sound, DeLeon said.

DeLeon says her bird learns much of her ever-growing vocabulary from watching television, in both English and Spanish.

Bank robber travels by cab

A Cincinnati taxi driver says he unwittingly drove a bank robber to and from the crime and didn’t realize what happened until he later saw police swarming the scene.

Driver Cheikh Lemine says he was annoyed last Thursday morning by a young passenger in a tan cap who kept changing destinations and appeared to have no money. The man asked to be taken to a Cincinnati Savings and Loan branch for some cash.

Police say while Lemine waited outside, the unidentified suspect gave a teller a note demanding money and left with some in a McDonald’s bag. Police describe the amount as small.

Lemine says the man returned to the taxi, gave him $20 and apologized for not paying sooner. The cabbie dropped his customer at a convenience store and received a $6 tip.

Grandparents’ feud over homework puts them in jail

An Erie, Pa., grandmother and grandfather are in the county jail after a violent feud over how to reprimand their grandson for not doing his homework.

Police say the 8-year-old boy called police last Thursday evening, saying his grandmother had a knife and his grandfather a gun.

Police say the fight began when 49-year-old Sheila Martin slapped her grandson for not doing his homework. Police say 69-year-old Rodney Keith Peyton told her to stop, and Martin threatened the pair with a knife.

Police say Peyton fled with his grandson into the bathroom. They say the boy later ran downstairs to call 911 while Peyton fended off Martin with a shower curtain rod.

Martin cornered Peyton, who police say then fired his gun at her.

The two face numerous assault and endangerment charges.

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