Voters in the Amphitheater School District voted to keep incumbent president Jeff Grant on the board, and brought on new board member Susan Zibrat during the Nov. 2 election.

The school board had two open seats. Patricia Clymer did not run for re-election.

Zibrat grabbed the most votes, gathering 36.56 percent of the total. Grant got 35.38 percent, while the third candidate, Scott Leska, received 27.68 percent of the 56,147 total votes.

“I’m glad its over, its always a relief to get through it,” Grant said Tuesday. “Personally, I was gratified that it appeared to the voters affirmed that the voters think Amphi is being well run. And obviously I think we are a well managed district.”

Grant attributes his win to thinking the voters respected his experience in the district.

“I think, as I said with getting through the campaign, experience counts, and the voters saw that as well,” Grant said. “And they respected not only my experience, but also respected Susan Zibrat’s too, and what she has been doing in the district.”

Grant said the district will continue to strive to keep as many dollars in the classroom while continuing to lobby the legislature for more money, while facing a “tough budget year.”

Amphitheater School District, 2 elected

Jeff Grant 35.38 percent 19,940 votes

Scott Leska 27.68 percent 15,602 votes

Susan Zibrat 36.56 percent 20,605 votes

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