On Friday, April 16 at 2:30 p.m., Oro Valley police stopped a man who was sitting in the median at Oracle and Magee roads. The man was holding a sign asking for money and drinking alcohol. The officer told the man that it was against the law to beg for money and consume alcohol in public. The officer also told him that he was trespassing on state property. A police report noted that a sign was posted about 20 feet from the man, which read: "State property no trespassing." The officer also noted that the man appeared intoxicated and had a half-full bottle of vodka. Police told him to leave the area and stop begging, trespassing and drinking in public to avoid arrest. He agreed to do so. Shortly afterward, however, police received a call that the same man was seen in a nearby median and roadside making obscene hand gestures to passing motorists. Police stopped him again and noted that he had a new bottle of Ten High Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey with him. Upon questioning, the man responded with insults and obscenities, according to a police report. He was arrested on charges of loitering, trespassing and consuming alcohol in public and taken to Pima County Adult Detention Center. The officer noted in the report that a check of the man’s criminal history revealed more than 350 previous contacts with law enforcement.


On Friday, April 16 at 1:30 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a call of theft from the DSW shoe store in the Oro Valley Marketplace at Tangerine and Oracle roads. Once there, police spoke with a store manager who had detained an employee suspected of pocketing cash from her register. The woman had written and signed a confession admitting to the theft. The officer questioned her about the theft and she said she began taking money to help her sister pay for a tattoo. She was arrested and released on a charge of theft. Police escorted her from the store and told her she was not to enter any DSW store again or she would be arrested for trespassing. Store officials said they intend to press charges against the woman.


On Monday, April 5, Oro Valley police responded to Sheffield’s Diamonds near Oracle and Magee roads in reference to a burglary.  A store employee called police after she saw the store’s alarm did not beep or turn off when she reported for work. She also found some tools near a large safe. Upon arrival officers saw damage to the safe and the interior of the business. Detectives also responded the scene.  It was determined that the robbers entered the jewelry store through the roof where they cut an access point and then dropped through a false ceiling. Police noted damage to a pair of safes, a storage area, roof, light fixtures and a computer-server closet. The suspects also attempted to disable an exterior Qwest phone box and alarm system. The suspects cut into both safes and drilled into a smaller safe, but nothing was removed. It appeared that nothing was taken from the store. Police crime scene technicians processed the scene forensic evidence. No arrests were made.




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