Oro Valley Councilman K.C. Carter has let it be known he intends to run for re-election.

Carter, an Oro Valley Town Council member and the vice mayor, has served two terms on the council.

He is a World War II Navy veteran who later worked for more than 60 years as a contractor, civil engineer and in town government.

Carter has lived in Oro Valley for more than 15 years. He originally came from Iowa.

If re-elected, Carter said he would not vote for a property tax, would support the annexation of Arroyo Grande, and would work to get the town greater autonomy from Pima County in its library.

"I will not vote for a property tax," Carter said. "I've always said that since 2004."

He also said the town needs to move on the proposed annexation of 14 square miles of state trust land north of Oro Valley.

The town has been in negotiations with the state for nearly two years for the property. Water and open space have been two of the biggest issues surrounding the annexation.

"It's got to incorporate a lot of Oro Valley's ideas," Carter said. "If it's done right, I'm all for it."

Through negotiations, the town and state tentatively agreed to leave some 6,000 acres of the property, or 68 percent, as open space.

Negotiations have stalled, the result of budget cuts at the state level that have prevented the state land department from moving forward.

Carter said he also wants to help the town secure future water supplies.

"We need that CAP water," Carter said. "I'm working to make sure that we'll get adequate supplies of water for the town."

Pima County and the town share costs on the Oro Valley Public Library operation, with Oro Valley owning the property and both governments holding a stake in the building and its contents.

As the agreement now dictates, Oro Valley residents pay into the county library district through a secondary property tax. In addition, the town spends about $700,000 of its own money for library operations and employee costs.

Carter, and others in the town, wants to break free from the county and keep local taxes from going into the greater county library fund.

"We're trying to get legislation started that would permit us to protect our taxes for the library," Carter said.

The town council primary election will be held March 9, 2010 with a general election on May 18, 2010.

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