DKL Holdings, developer of the Marana Regional Landfill, has agreed to accept no more than 10 percent of its waste volume each year from out-of-state sources, DKL representative Michael Racy told the Marana Town Council and a huge audience Wednesday night.

“We have heard the concern” about waste from other states, Racy said. DKL Holdings suggested the provision in its development agreement with the Town of Marana that reads, “in no event, in any year, would out-of-state waste exceed 10 percent” of total landfill volume, he said.

Larry Henk, principal in DKL Holdings, had previously said he was unwilling to completely ban out-of-state waste from the operation.

“Because the environment is so competitive, we hesitate to put in zero,” Racy said. “But this would further narrow it.

“We don’t expect any waste to come from out of state,” Racy said. “We never did.”

The Cactus Landfill, in Southern Pinal County, and the proposed Durham Landfill, also in Southern Pinal County, have no such restrictions regarding trash from outside Arizona, Racy said.

“The size of this facility is dictated by economics, not by out-of-state waste,” Racy told the council earlier Wednesday. Its size, 430 acres, is consistent with a 1992 Pima County recommendation that identified “a single regional facility” as “far preferable” to a series of smaller facilities “the county has operated and lost money on” before modern federal regulations, Racy said.

“It is unusually large? It is not. Is it built for out-of-state waste? It is developed for Pima County and Pinal County residential waste,” Racy said. “Enormous volumes” of waste are now trucked away from the region. “There is more than sufficient volume for it right here, right now.”

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