Lightning strikes on Tuesday, Oct. 5, damaged at least three Northwest homes.

The first strike hit directly upon a home on the 5000 block of West Didion, near the intersection of West Cortaro Farms Road and North Camino de Oeste. It tore a hole in the roof. Residents called 9-1-1 after the strike at 5:30 p.m. saying they smelled smoke.

"Crews did find external charring and damage to the roof," said Adam Golberg, Northwest Fire spokesman.

Fire crews evacuated two adults and two children from the home. Crews then inspected a crawl space in the house for fire using thermo-imaging equipment. No fire was found.

The house did lose electrical power following the strike. Goldberg said workers with Tucson Electric Power responded and were able to restore power to the home and a neighbor's house that also lost power.

Later on Tuesday, lightning struck a second home on the 8300 block of North Veranda near Cortaro and Old Father roads.

Fire crews could not detect any physical damage to the home. Goldberg said the lightning appeared to have struck a furnace ventilation pipe on the roof.

The strike knocked out power to the house. TEP crews were able to restore electrical service to home later Tuesday night.

No one was injured in either lightning strike.

Goldberg issued a warning to residents to be cautious during monsoon thunderstorms.

"We urge and caution people to seek shelter and remain inside during monsoon storms," Goldberg said.

Tuesday rainfall amounts, according to the Pima County Flood Control District:

Picture Rocks, .55 of 1 inch

Moore Road at La Cholla, .35

Big Wash at Rancho Vistoso, .79

CDO at Big Wash, .75

Calle Concordia at Calle El Milagro, .67

Santa Cruz River at Ina, .47

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