Among the comments presented to the Marana Town Council on the Marana Regional Landfill proposal last Wednesday, Nov. 3.

“I respect the opinions of the opponents, and have no hard feelings toward them.”

— Harold Thompson

“To me, it’s a Godsend to Marana.”

— John DeShetler

“I want our community, not Pinal County or anyone else, to reap the benefits of this facility.”

— Rebecca Vorholzer

“It’s hard to stop progress. We need to move forward.”

— Fred Barnett

“For every person who’s for it, you’ll find somebody who’s against it.”

— Albert Delgado

“If you want to protect our water, you will actually vote for this landfill. It’s as environmentally stable as they come.”

— Lisa Felix

“It’s critical to our business members, and to the growth of our community.”

— Ed Stolmaker, president

and CEO of the Marana

Chamber of Commerce

“You have been bombarded with fact after fact after fact. I don’t envy you this task. Sure, we can’t vote for you guys, but we have a voice, and we can use it, we can use it to influence others.”

— Tom Hill

“I finally get my home paid for, and now I possibly may have a dump in my backyard. I don’t feel I should lose the property value on my home.”

— Athena Taylor

“The public does not approve of this landfill. Be thoughtful. Your re-election time will come.”

— Mimi Battin

“This is permanent. You cannot move the landfill away when you find there is a problem. Consider the matter carefully. Weigh the benefits.”

— Pak Chan

“We urge you in the strongest possible terms to reject the development.”

— Roy Emrick, chairman of the Sierra Club Rincon Group

“I don’t think you as a council have treated those people at Silverbell West the way they should be treated. They deserve better.”

— David Anway

“You are about to make one of the most important decisions of your political careers. … The voters will speak. They are appalled at the very talk of this mega-dump.”

— Pat McElroy

“Man produces waste, including members of the opposition, and man must dispose of that waste. Be responsible stewards. This is the reasonable and responsible thing to do.”

— Linda Zupi

“I pray for all of you council members every day, to give you the strength to stand up and vote no on this landfill.”

— Elaine Ramirez

“What’s there left to say? We have poured our hearts out to you. … I’m disappointed in the leaders of this community. You’re not listening to the people.”

— Kris James

“Marana needs to control its own future. Technology has changed tremendously. We live in 2010.”

— Anna Felix

“People are getting tired of small-town, good old boy politics. Look past the dollars, and make decisions that are good and right for all.”

— Terri Faust

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