On Thursday May 20, Oro Valley police responded to Wilson K-8 School in reference to a sixth-grade student in possession of marijuana. When police arrived, they were escorted to the assistant principal's office where the student was located. According the police report, a teacher and several other students reported that the student had marijuana with him and was showing it to his classmates. After a search of the bag, the assistant principal found a sunglasses case with a plastic bag inside of it containing marijuana. The student said he got it from a friend who did not go to the school, but knew it was marijuana. When the student's mother arrived, he admitted to smoking marijuana in the past but would pass a drug test. The student later changed his story saying he might not pass a drug test because he has been to parties where people were smoking marijuana. Police advised the mother that her son be drug tested. He was arrested for possession of marijuana in a drug free school zone.


On Thursday May 20, Oro Valley police responded to four car thefts that occurred on Calle Solano. The first call was made at 5:45 a.m. The victim said a Sirius radio, two pairs of sunglasses, a Mini-Mag light and approximately $4 in change were taken from his from his Jeep Wrangler. His other car, a Mazda CX7, had a Bluetooth earpiece and another pair of sunglasses taken as well. The second report of thefts on Calle Solano came in around 7:40 a.m. The victim's Scion had a backpack with miscellaneous school items taken from it. Police responded to a third call at 9:45 a.m. That victim's Acura Integra had a CD player taken from it. No arrests were made.


On Friday May 7, Oro Valley police responded to Wilson K-8 School in response to a student with a knife. Two eighth-grade students said that they had a verbal altercation with another student during lunch recess the day before. While in the locker room later, one student pulled out a folding knife and said, "he could take care of it himself," while talking about the other student, according to police reports. After a search of the student's bag and locker did not turn up a weapon, the student said he realized the knife was in his backpack, and he usually carries it when he rides his bike around. He said he forgot he had the knife until he was in the locker room. The student said he was not going to use the knife on another student but did admit to taking it out and showing it to his friends. No arrests were made.

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