Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath at one point declared he desired only to be a one-term mayor, but has decided to seek reelection in August after seeing “a lot of positive momentum, not only for the Town of Oro Valley, but region wide.”

Since taking his mayoral seat in 2010, Hiremath said his efforts in building regional partnerships, whether with public or private entities, has been key in saving taxpayers money while increasing revenue streams that can then be used toward providing town residents with desired services.

Hiremath said examples include partnering with Pima County to convert the town’s transportation service formerly known as Coyote Run to Sun Shuttle Dial-A-Ride, saving the town $300,000 annually while expanding hours and days of operation.

Hiremath also backed the county’s takeover of the Oro Valley Public Library, which he said increased levels of service, programming, and hours of operation while saving the town $750,000 annually.

“For the first time, I think that all of our elected officials are realizing their neighboring communities have a direct impact here,” said Hiremath. “That awareness wasn’t there prior to four years ago, and I think it’s there now.”

Hiremath, who also worked with the City of Tucson to have 1,500 acre-feet of CAP water delivered to Oro Valley, said reducing unnecessary expenditures is only part of the equation. The other is attracting new money, which will in large part come from sports tourism, thanks to investing in such facilities as Naranja Park and the Oro Valley Aquatic Center.

“In the absence of a property tax, our financial model relies heavily on sales tax, so the question becomes how you increase that,” said Hiremath. “We want to provide less of a financial burden on town residents by investing in opportunities that attract outsiders into Oro Valley.”

Last year, more than $3 million of the $11 million in sales tax revenue came from those visiting Oro Valley. Hiremath said attracting visitors has been key in moving the town out of a $3 million deficit in 2010 to its current surplus of $1.7 million, which doesn’t take into a $2.3 million investment in Naranja Park, $2.1 million investment in burying utility lines on Oracle Road, and $5.5 million investment in the Aquatic Center.

If reelected, Hiremath said his top three priorities would be to provide affordable services to residents, continue partnering with public and private entities, and explore services for those who may be in need, be it with a home foreclosure, health issues, or otherwise.

Hiremath was born in 1963 in Kalamazoo, Mich. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Michigan, and his Dental Surgery degree from Howard University College in 1989. He currently runs his own private dentistry practice. He is a father of four, and has lived in Oro Valley for 24 years.

His campaign has been endorsed by the Northwest Fire District and Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 53.

For more information about Satish Hiremath, visit http://www.hiremathformayor.com/.

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