Fruit Shack

A cash mob is a spin-off of a flash mob except a cash mob has a direct benefit to the community.  Please join us for next Cash Mob:

Where:  Fruit Shack Smoothies & Yogurt

When:  Thursday, September 12, 2013 from 4pm - 6pm

After the Cash Mob head up to Oro Valley Marketplace and enjoy the free concert series.

March 21, 2013 was the launch of OV Cash Mob.   Residents, fellow business owners, and patrons participated in making a difference in the community where they live, work, play and of course SHOP!  Enjoy the online photo album and check back each month as another Oro Valley businsess is randomly selected for the next OV Cash Mob.

What is a Cash Mob?

Watching the news you may have heard about flash mobs; where groups of people assemble in a public arena and perform staged choreography or singing. A cash mob is a spin-off of a flash mob except a cash mob has a direct benefit to the community.

What are the rules?

Participation is simple: Sign-up. Show-up. Have Fun!

OV Cash Mob utilizes social media (in this case Twitter), email subscription and text messages to inform participants of the meeting place and time. One the busines is selected participants are informed via social media when and where to show up.

The minimum purchase requirement is $15, although you can spend more if you like. If you are physically unable to attend the cash mob in person but would still like to participate, technology is on your side. Many businesses offer an online shopping experience; we will let you know if online shopping is available the day of the mobbing.

After shopping, the mob will congregate at a nearby eatery or watering-hole to chat about the event, meet new friends and neighbors and discuss your new purchases.

How do I sign up?

Do you have a Twitter account?
Follow us on Twitter @OVCashMob.  Our Twitter feed will also simultaneously post to our Facebook page, so you can always keep up with other Oro Valley events.

Don't have a Twitter account?  Do you send/receive text messages?   
Twitter has a feature called "Fast Follow" so you can follow us via SMS (check your cell phone plan as applicable SMS fees apply). 

Text 'Follow OVCashMob' to the number '40404'. 

From there, you'll start receiving real-time updates from Twitter right to your text enabled cell phone.  

Don't text or tweet?
You can still join the fun via email.  Subscribe to our email and receive updates in your inbox.   No matter your method of communication we have you covered!

What businesses will be mobbed?
Businesses with a mercantile/retail base that have products under $15 or less for sale will be randomly selected.  Our goal is that participants get to discover a business or a product provided not only by the actual business that is mobbed but adjacent businesses as well.
What’s the benefit of participating?
When you shop local, you are helping local business succeed. 

Sales tax collections for fiscal year 2011/12 were approximately $11.5 million.  100% of that money goes directly towards public safety, new parks, trails, services and facilities our community has asked for.

Additionally, when you attend a Cash Mob event you will receive a free Shop OV bag.

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