In his pursuit for the Oro Valley mayoral seat this election season, newcomer Patrick Straney says one of his primary focuses would be to unite a council that has become too divided in recent years.

A married father of four grown children, Straney, born in Bay City, Mich., has an educational background consisting of a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Kettering University (General Motors Institute). During his extensive career with General Motors, he held numerous positions in upper management that included national and international responsibilities and oversight.

“I bring a different set of skills to the table,” he said. “I have a proactive, intuitive style of management. I think this town needs to have more civility and less division, and an atmosphere that is friendly to all points of view. I bring quite an extensive business management resume with me, and I think I have the ability to connect values and vision.”

Straney said upon taking office in August, his first priority would be to learn about the inner workings of the Oro Valley government.

“That way I’ll be fully immersed,” he said. “Then my decisions will be based on knowledge. Right now, I’m an outsider. I need to tune that up with working knowledge, because I don’t like to make decisions without being informed.”

Straney said given his background in management, which required crucial, down-to-the-wire decisions, he is confident about conquering any learning curve before he would officially be sworn into office come November, which is about two and a half months after election results.

Straney says while he has seen a lot of good developments under the current council such as with the Aquatic Center, he’d like to oversee a town center in Oro Valley.

“I think people are happy with our parks and athletics, but we need to recognize our culture and history. Perhaps there should be a place to go learn more about Oro Valley,” said Straney, suggesting Steam Pump Ranch as a potential location site.

During retirement, Straney, who has lived in Rancho Vistoso since 2004, has served as the President of the Rancho Vistoso Board of Directors for seven years. He has also served on the Rancho Vistoso Community Homeowners Advisory Committee, and is an active member of the International Rotary Club of Oro Valley.

Straney said his commitment and love for the town will roll over into his election as mayor.

“I live in Oro Valley, I love Oro Valley,” he said. “I want Oro Valley, when I leave, to be on a good solid basis, not that it isn’t today. Everyone has done a wonderful job in Oro Valley, but there are a few things I’ll bring to the party to help ensure a future of excellence and quality of life, as well as the cultural pride that is Oro Valley.”

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