The Oro Valley Town Council could adopt a set of rules designed to keep track of who sells items at pawnshops and scrap metal dealers.

An item on the council agenda for Wednesday, Feb. 2, if adopted, would require pawnbrokers, secondhand dealers and scrap metal dealers to keep records of the people who sell items.

“It’s intended to protect the dealers,” said Oro Valley Police Chief Danny Sharp.

The council meets Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. in council chambers, 11000 N. La Cañada Drive.

Sharp requested the item be put on the agenda because the town doesn’t have any rules in place governing those types of businesses.

The rules also are intended to make it more difficult for people to sell stolen goods.

Sellers would have to provide the businesses with their name, permanent address and telephone number. In addition, the stores would be required to keep a record that has the physical description of a seller as well as a description of the items being sold.

The item inventory must include make, model and serial numbers.

Sharp said the rule was a proactive move intended to “keep the criminal element from coming here.”

He said Tucson and most cities have similar rules that pawn shops and similar stores must follow.

In Oro Valley, only three businesses fit the category that would be affected. They are Play It Again Sports, Sheffield’s Diamonds and Game Stop. Also, companies that set up temporary gold-buying operations at hotels would be required to follow the rules.

“It’s certainly not a reflection on the businesses,” Sharp said.

He said the town has been in contact with the businesses about the proposed law and would continue to work with them to prepare for a rule changes.

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