On Saturday, May 14 at noon, Oro Valley police contacted a woman, via telephone, who wanted to report a suspicious activity. She said the night prior, at about 9:30, she received a phone call from a female who identified herself as her oldest granddaughter and told her that she had been in a car accident and was arrested for DUI. She was told to contact “John Goldstein,” who was a lawyer who could arrange for bail. She called the number given and was told she needed to send $900 via Western Union to “Pearl C. Robert/ B” in Dorian, Quebec, Canada. The woman intended to send the money, but was cautioned by the clerk that it might be a scam. She returned home and called her granddaughter, who had neither been in an accident nor arrested. She did not send the money but wanted to report the incident. Police called the number for “John Goldstein” and the person answered the phone “law office.” Police asked if they were speaking to “John,” to which the person responded yes. Police asked for an address so they could send some money for someone and the line disconnected. Future calls went to the voice mail of “Goldstein, Callahan and Associates.” Via www.whitepages.com, the number returned as a “cell or unpublished number in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.”

On Friday, May 13, at about 7:30 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the Walmart near Oracle and Tangerine roads in reference to a theft caught on video. When police arrived, they met with the loss prevention agent at the store. He said at 7 p.m., he noticed a lock was cut on an outdoor cage, located behind the garden center, where the store keeps its used and core car batteries. The video showed a large, dark-colored SUV backing up to the cage at about 2:30 a.m. earlier in the day. Three subjects exited the vehicle, cut the lock and removed about eight used car batteries, and placed them in the back of the SUV. The batteries were valued at $120 total. The agent told police that similar things have happened at other store locations.

On Wednesday, May 11, at about 3:30 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to the 500 block of Tara Danette Drive in response to a loud party. When police arrived, they met with a 20-year-old who said she lived at the house. Police noticed her eyes were red, and  they could smell alcohol on her. Police had everyone at the party come outside, and all admitted to drinking. All took a portable breathalyzer test, which resulted in readings ranging from .070 to .154. All were cited and released for being minors with alcohol in their systems.

On Friday, May 6, at about 2:30 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to Ironwood Ridge High School in response to a fight between two male students. When police arrived, they met with the two 10th-graders. One had a swollen lower lip and the other had a red mark under his right eye. One student said that the other walked up to him and punched him two times while he was sitting at his desk. After being punched, he said he stood up and pushed the other student away from him. The other student said the other guy had bothered him all semester long by continuously throwing things at him and calling him names. He told police he punched the other guy in the face two times, and then when he stood up, he punched him again. At that time the other student punched him and then pushed him against a wall. Both were arrested for disorderly conduction and referred to their parents.

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