During the past four years, Oro Valley Town Councilwoman Mary Snider has enjoyed the quality of lifestyle that her and her councilmembers have helped shape, and in seeking reelection, she would like to see that way of life continue.

“I enjoy public service – I enjoy serving my community,” she said.

If reelected, Snider looks to continue serving her community with her top priorities being strong fiscal management, protecting core services, and, in looking to the not-so-distant future of the town, strategic land management.

“The boundaries are pretty much defined, petty much, unless we do a major annexation. That’s not going to happen tomorrow” Snider said, “So for the next foreseeable future, we are dealing with land that is not developed yet within those boundaries.”

She thinks residents are going to see is more infill than what they’ve seen in the past, and she is seeing projects come through a lot quicker than she expected.

“We can’t stop development coming into Oro Valley, it’s coming. We just have to make sure we are smart about, we maintain our design standards, we make sure that the roads can handle additional traffic, and that there is a good mix of residential, commercial, and retail.”

She is more than happy to serve her community and be in a situation where the town is financially able to grow, coming off the heals of a recession, which was the worst the town has seen since it was incorporated in 1974.

“From a deficit position to a surplus position, fiscally we are in very sound financial shape. I am very proud of that.”

She also looks to continue working with the youth advisory council that she founded, which is platform that allows high school kids bring their voice forward and to have an impact on their community.

“With the changing demographics in Oro Valley, being more multi-generational than before, that’s a voice that needs to be heard.”

If reelected, she would like to continue with the momentum the feels the town has gained during the past four years she has been part of the council.

“My interest in the future is going to be how do we bring more tourism dollars into Oro Valley so residents have more revenue coming in. Because we rely so heavily on sales tax revenue, both construction and retail, if we can take that $.30 out of every dollar that comes in from tourism and move it to $.45 or $.50 … that funds the operations of the town.”

In doing so, residents will be able to reap the benefits of the monies brought into the town without having a larger population.

To read more about Mary Snider’s campaign, go to marysnider.org.

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