As the only person challenging a seat on the Oro Valley Town Council, Don Bristow feels he can restore the council to a decision-making team, and by doing so while practicing civility and cooperation.

“My focus is to be part of a citizen-centric council,” Bristow said. “The residents of Oro Valley are my only special interest. I want to balance the needs of our citizens with the needs of our business community.”

This is his first time running for a seat on a council, but has been elected to Home Owner Associations (HOAs), in Michigan and in Oro Valley, where he held the seat of president on the HOA board.

Bristow has focused his attention and his campaign on a few items, with his top priority stating that the current sitting council is not respectful or supportive.

“I would hopefully work to transform the town council into a highly cooperative team that shows respect for the other members and also respect for the citizens of Oro Valley,” he said.

He also would see to it that financial forecasts of the future impacts for town would be made available, for “things the town thinks the citizens want, like Steam Pump Ranch and Naranja Park.

“It’s one thing to build them, it’s another thing to operate and maintain them.”

Bristow also plans to advocate for the environmental, historical and cultural and recreational activities for all age groups.

Bristow feels the town has done some good things over the years, such as recover from the recession, and continues to have a high-quality and knowledgeable staff. He likes how the town maintains its town with elements that wear down over time and require regular maintenance such as its roads. But will all of that he likes, he knows other things can be improved, such as the manner in which the council behaves.

“Obviously, the current conflict of the town council that definitely inhibits representation of the residents. This conduct is reflecting negatively upon the town.”

He feels there is a small amount of citizen input taken into account with council decisions, along with an inconsistency to following and applying the General Plan and town codes.

If elected, and after thanking those who supported him throughout his campaign, Bristow said he is prepared to jump right in and find out what the issues are within the town that need to be addressed.

“I would want to meet with the town manager and learn about what he sees as the major issues that haven’t come up prior to, or after the election cycle, or that haven’t been identified.”

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