Marana Premium Outlets

Groundbreaking is scheduled to start early next year for two competing premier outlet malls on the northwest side.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

What is slated to open in fall of 2015, the Marana Premium Outlet Mall is moving forward as scheduled as the Town of Marana is receiving the preliminary plans from the mall developer and overall site infrastructure planners.

The 360,000-square foot outlet mall is at the Twin Peaks/Interstate 10 interchange and will be developed by Simon Property Group, which has opened four other outlet malls and is in the process of opening five more in the U.S.

The Marana outlet mall will have an estimated 100-name brand and designer stores and will cost $90 million to build.

For the last six to eight months, the Town of Marana has met on a regular basis with the owners of the site as well as the mall developers. Preliminary discussions have taken place in order to voice problems or changes that may occur in the future. Ryan Mahoney, Marana’s planning director, said the meetings have gone well and the mall is progressing as scheduled.

“Now we are reviewing the building plans, engineering plans and landscape plans from the process mall developer and overall site infrastructure,” said Mahoney, who added that both the developer and infrastructure planners are a concurrent issue.

Currently, archaeology recovery is still being done on the land, but is expected to finish soon. Once finished, the recovered artifact reports will be sent to the Army Corps of Engineers. They will have 30 days to review the findings.

Once that finishes, permits will be issued. The developer and infrastructure planners will receive direct access to the land in order to start clearing the site. Grating permits, trenching the water, sewers, clearing for the roadways and circulation are some of the first projects to take place. Mahoney says the Town of Marana is excited to see how the outlet will help benefit the Marana community.

“It’s going to offer the residents, particularly in North Marana, easy access to services that are provided there such as shopping opportunities and some eating opportunities,” said Mahoney. “One thing I like about it is that it’s connected not only for cars but for walking or riding your bike. It could become a real destination for the residents nearby to get there in an alternative way.”

Mahoney also added that the mall will give Marana exposure on a regional basis and will establish the town as an important part of the regional economy.

“We’re looking forward to it as a town perspective to draw more interest for development, some tax revenue so we can maintain a high level of service to the community,” said Mahoney. “We are really excited for the opportunity to partner with this developer and make this a unique aspect for the community.”

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