Marana Unified School District

The Marana Unified School District recognizes that excelling schools create strong communities and strong property values. Ensuring that our students have a 21st century learning environment that inspires them to achieve academic and personal excellence requires the District to plan for our future capital needs. To that end, a community-driven Capital Improvement Plan Committee was formed and a Capital Improvement Survey was developed to engage our entire community in a conversation about the District’s future facility and operational needs to best meet projected growth, while using tax dollars responsibly.

Designed and administered by independent technology and communications firm K12 Insight, the Capital Improvement Plan survey was open March 6-31, and had more than 2,900 participants. To ensure widespread participation and candid feedback, the survey was available in both English and Spanish, and paper copies were made available to participants who did not have Internet access.

There are a number of notable survey findings including:

•         89% of participants support funding for individual school needs such as classroom improvements, instructional technology, school buses, and cafeteria and athletic renovations.

•         80% of participants support the construction of a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Academy.

•         Over 75% of participants support the construction of a new elementary school.

•         Over 70% of participants support relocating and upgrading transportation, maintenance and professional development facilities.

•         Nearly 70% of participants support the construction of a community performing arts center on the site of a future high school.

 •         Nearly 70% of participants support the expansion of MCAT High School.

To view complete survey findings, please visit

Next steps included sharing the survey data with the Capital Improvement Plan Committee charged with examining capital improvement plans and analyzing capital project costs. After conducting multiple focus groups/interviews, and reviewing the data and State funding formulas, the committee determined the District is unable to meet future facility and related capital needs without obtaining additional financial resources.

Based on the community committee’s review and the lack of funding from the State, the Marana Unified School District Governing Board has called a special bond election on Tuesday, November 4 to provide necessary funding for critical school and athletic facility renovations and improvements, new school construction, instructional technology and student transportation not currently funded by the State. Going forward, information related to the school improvement bond election will be provided on the District website and in the Pima County Voter Pamphlet. 

The District recognizes that the community is our greatest partner in education, making a significant investment to ensure that children have the best possible facilities to meet their educational goals. In turn, the District takes its responsibility seriously to ensure facilities, transportation, and school support systems are well-maintained and function at optimal levels to provide students a safe and healthy learning environment and to protect the public’s investment.

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