Marana voters will be deciding two issues in the May 17 General Election, with the town looking for approval to ratify its General Plan, and Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc. seeking renewal of its franchise agreement.

The first question on the ballot relates to the ratification of the Marana 2010 General plan, which the Marana council unanimously approved on Dec. 7 of last year.

A yes vote, “shall have the effect of ratifying the Town of Marana 2010 General Plan with its five themes and each of its elements as adopted by the mayor and council in resolution 2010-120; thereby making the 2010 General Plan effective for the next 10 years.”

If residents vote against the measure, the plan approved in 2007 will remain in place.

A general plan is part of the state’s Smart Growth Legislation, which requires entities to create a plan that will provide the framework that integrates land use, transportation, environmental concerns, economic development, housing, parks and recreation, and public facilities and services into a comprehensive and coordinated strategy.

The Marana plan, originally approved in 2002, was developed with plans to update as needed every three to five years.

The 2010 plan is divided into five themes: land management, built environment, people and community, resource management and natural systems.

Land management focuses on future goals for land use and growth, while the built environment theme outlines future plans for transportation, housing, public facilities and cost of development.

Under the people and community theme, the plan focuses on public safety, parks and recreation, economic vitality and community involvement.

Resource management centers around plans for open space and trails, cultural resources, water and energy, and the fifth theme, natural systems, focuses on land, air and water.

The entire 2010 General Plan can be viewed at

Rodney Campbell, public information officer for the Town of Marana, said no arguments for or against the plan were submitted for the election pamphlet.

The second question on the ballot is asking voters to continue the franchise agreement between Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc. and the Town of Marana.

A yes vote will allow the franchise agreement to remain in place. A no vote will end the agreement.

Members of the cooperative submitted an argument in favor of renewing the agreement.

The argument, signed by Trico vice president Brad DeSpin and company CEO Vincent Nitido, said, “Trico is headquartered in Marana and it actively participates in community events and public affairs programs conducted by or for Marana. Trico is a cooperative nonprofit corporation owned by its members who are its customers. Trico’s rates, charges and classifications are prescribed by the Arizona Corporation Commission, an Arizona governmental agency (that) regulates Trico extensively.

“As a public service corporation Trick has been operating since the 1950s pursuant to certificates of convenience and necessity issued by the commission in an extensive area that includes all of Marana not served by Tucson Electric Power Company. The use of Marana’s streets and other rights of way, are crucial in Trico’s providing electricity to its members who reside in Marana.”

During the March 8 Primary Election, newcomer David Bowen and incumbent Roxanne Ziegler won their bids to fill two open seats on the Marana Town Council by more than 50 percent of the vote and incumbent Mayor Ed Honea ran unopposed; therefore, no further voting is necessary in the General Election.

General Election calendar

Voter Registration Cutoff Date: April 18

First Day of Early Voting: April 21 

(Voters who already signed up for the permanent early-voting list will automatically receive a ballot.)

Initial Mailing of Early Ballots:

April 21 

Last Day to Request an Early Ballot: May 6 

Last Day to Vote an Early Ballot in Person: May 13

To request an early ballot or find a polling place, call the Pima County Recorder’s office at 740-4330 or visit

Reporter Thelma Grimes can be reached at 797-4384 or by email at

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