On Tuesday, May 17, Marana residents will be voting on the General Plan, and a proposal to renew the town's Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc. franchise agreement.

The first question on the ballot relates to the ratification of the Marana 2010 General plan, which the town council unanimously approved on Dec. 7 of last year.

A yes vote, "shall have the effect of ratifying the Town of Marana 2010 General Plan with its five themes and each of its elements as adopted by the mayor and council in resolution 2010-120; thereby making the 2010 General Plan effective for the next 10 years."

If residents vote against the measure, the plan approved in 2007 will remain in place.

A general plan is part of the state's Smart Growth Legislation, which requires entities to create a plan that will provide the framework that integrates land use, transportation, environmental concerns, economic development, housing, parks and recreation, and public facilities and services into a comprehensive and coordinated strategy.

The Marana plan, originally approved in 2002, was developed with plans to update it as needed every three to five years.

The 2010 plan is divided into five themes: land management, built environment, people and community, resource management and natural systems.

The second question on the ballot is asking voters to continue the franchise agreement between Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc. and the Town of Marana.

A yes vote will allow the franchise agreement to remain in place.

A not vote will end the agreement.

Voters planning to vote in person on May 17 can log on to the county recorder's website at www.recorder.pima.gov to find out polling locations.

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