Town of Marana

More user friendly, multimedia savvy and easier to navigate, Marana’s newly designed website is projected to go public on June 18.

The website was last refreshed in December 2011. The Town of Marana tech service, management and marketing team has been working with CivicPlus, a company that helps local governments develop well-designed websites to interact with their community.

“It’s going to be a responsive site where more people can access the website through their tablets and mobile devices,” said Rodney Campbell, the public information officer for Marana. “It’s going to be more organized and users are going to be able to go in and find information they’ll need.”

The website will have a newly built homepage that will serve as a platform for Marana’s social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Users will be able to access additional information on events, pictures and multimedia through these social networks. Marana’s Facebook page has about 1,000 fans and their Twitter account has more than 2,000 followers. The current Marana website had 9,974 visits during the week of the Accenture Match Play Championship and on average has around 4,300 visits each week. Campbell said the town is hoping to see those numbers increase once the new website goes up.

In addition to easy accessibility to other social media sites, the new Marana website will also feature a more organized layout. Users will be able to find everything in an easy and quick manner. Information about the airport, events, parks and recreation, the Marana police and more will now be a static feature with more in depth information. Campbell says that the website, along with other social media, will ultimately be used to interact with the residents in the community.

“It’s a good two-way interaction where we are able to answer resident questions or concerns through social media. Whether it’s a big concern or a small question,” said Campbell. “We can get back to them in a quick and timely way. So we answer the question not just for that person, but also for everyone else. We’ve had a lot of success with our social media.”

Down the road, the town will also look into adding a section on the website for users to pay bills - whether that be water bills, court fines or more. As for the immediate future, the Town of Marana is projected to launch the new site this month. The website will launch just in time for town to establish a mobile website completely devoted to the town’s July 4 event. The mobile website will feature the times of events, entertainment, list of vendors, fireworks, a map to show viewing areas and include a countdown for when the fireworks will start. The town is also in the process of trying to increase the number of fireworks that will go off.

“We’re really excited about everything,” said Campbell about the website and July 4 mobile site. “Once everyone see’s the website they’ll see that it was a time well spent.”

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