The Marana Town Council approved a rezoning request on Aug. 16, to allow AMEC Earth and Environmental, Inc. to move forward with custom-lot development plans.

With some modifications, the council unanimously approved rezoning 67.8 acres of land from C, large lot zone, to R-36, single family residential.

The zoning means the minimum lot size has to be 36,000 square feet.

The property is located on the west side of Camino de Mañana, about a half-mile south of Tangerine Road.

Lisa Shafer, Marana’s assistant planning director, said the tentative development plan for the property proposes a 33-lot, custom single-family residential subdivision with an average lot size of 54,153 square feet.

Utilities are one area of concern for the developer. Shafer said there are no existing public sewers in the area, which means septic systems will serve the property until the developer installs sewer lines.

The property is also outside the City of Tucson and Town of Marana water service areas, which means an intergovernmental agreement had to be created.

The agreement allows the Marana Utilities Department to purchase water from Tucson Water. Marana Utilities will then serve customers using water delivered through the City of Tucson interconnection.

The developer will be charged a water commodity rate adjusted upward to cover both the Tucson Water commodity and the Marana Utilities Department costs.

AMEC will be required to pay all infrastructure costs for the interconnection and the water line extension.

As part of the development agreement, AMEC also has promised to pay the Marana School District $1,200 per dwelling unit.

Prior to the council vote, the council hosted a public hearing during which four residents addressed the council on the rezoning proposal.

Prior to the public hearing, Shafer said the developer solicited comments from neighboring property owners.

Shafer said town staff met with property owner Steve Wyly, who asked that the council require the developer to build only 3.3-acre lots, to allow only one-story homes, and to prohibit homes from fronting on Camino de Mañana.

As part of the rezoning approval, the council will require AMEC to build all lots with a minimum building setback of 50 feet from Camino de Mañana. In addition, no roads will have direct access onto Camino de Mañana.

The issue was also discussed by the Town Planning Commission, who voted 5-2 on July 27 to deny the zoning petition.

Shafer said while planning commissioners voted against the rezoning, they did not have a reason on record.

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