Two youths charged with murder of 16-year-old boy - Tucson Local Media: Marana

Two youths charged with murder of 16-year-old boy

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  • JstACitizen posted at 11:18 pm on Tue, Mar 29, 2011.

    JstACitizen Posts: 1

    I am truly saddened by this. I knew one of the suspects when he was much younger. He was a troubled boy but so wanted to do the right thing. His home life did not support that. Don't be so quick to judge when you don't know the background and all of the factors in play. This is truly a tragedy. I can only speak about one...and he was not a monster when I knew him. I also knew the family of the victim and my heart goes out to them as well. I cannot imagine the pain they are suffering now. I am so, so, sorry for all of the losses in this case.

  • bball24 posted at 6:25 pm on Mon, Mar 28, 2011.

    bball24 Posts: 1

    It was wrong, but since it was so bad, why would you wish that fate on anyone.

  • bassman34 posted at 12:36 pm on Mon, Mar 28, 2011.

    bassman34 Posts: 1

    "Due to the state of the body, police were unable to immediately determine the cause of death, gender or identity". That is so disgusting it makes me sick to my stomach. Since it reads to make me believe it was premeditated I hope they are tried as adults and given the maximum sentence, the parents of these monsters should be responsible in some way as well. Or better yet, leave them in the desert to the same fate as Austin.


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