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Jennifer Miller, a third grade teacher at Thornydale Elementary School received the Teacher Excellence Award, which was given by Tucson Values Teachers and OfficeMax. The award is to recognize teachers who go above and beyond in their commitment to teaching and helping their students.

Hannah McLeod/The Explorer

Teachers are in the classroom for about 40 hours each week and apart from parents, they are often seen as some of the most influential people in students’ lives. While some may do the bare minimum there are others that go above and beyond. Jennifer Miller, a third-grade teacher at Thornydale Elementary School, is one of those people.

“I nominated Ms. Miller because she goes above and beyond everyday with a smile on her face,” said Sarah Clem, principal of Thornydale Elementary. “She helps students who struggle and challenges the students. She heads our students council and volunteers at every event.”

Tucson Values Teachers and OfficeMax awarded Miller the Teacher Excellence Award. The two partner together to spotlight teachers who stand out because of their commitment to helping students in the classroom. On Oct. 29, Katie Rogerson a representative from Tucson Values Teachers presented Miller with the award and a $100 gift card to OfficeMax.

“I was surprised,” said Miller. “It was nice and I really, really appreciate the recognition because there are so many teachers who deserve it and work as much as I do.” 

Motivated by a love for working with children, Miller spends the majority of her time at the school teaching and being a part of clubs and committees. For Miller, it is a joy for her to teach and pour into the lives of others.

“I like seeing the growth in the students and the change of seeing them work with others more and communicate,” said Miller.

This is Miller’s fifth year at Thornydale Elementary where she first started by teaching fourth grade for three years, taught sixth for one year and is on her second year of teaching third grade – who she says is probably her favorite age group to work with. Miller wants to thank Clem and her other co-workers and staff for helping and supporting her.

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