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Mountain View High School head football coach Clarence “Bam” McRae.

Randy Metcalf/Tucson Local Media

Whenever a high school sports program gets an influx of transfers it raises red flags. That appears to be the case with the Mountain View football program. The school is being investigated for a potential recruiting violation and the Arizona Interscholastic Association Executive Board will be briefed during their meeting on Monday.

“The board will get a brief summary of progress to date in Executive Session,” said Chuck Schmidt, the AIA associate executive director. The briefing will be in the executive session due to privacy issues because student or students’ names “will be discussed.”

The investigation has been ongoing for about a month and both Marana Unified School District and Tucson Unified School District have been contacted by AIA.

“I have been very impressed with the cooperation between all involved,” Schmidt noted. 

AIA rules state that “No school administrator, athletic coach or employee of a high school district shall engage in recruitment either by direct contact with a student or indirectly through parents, legal guardians, common school employees, directors of summer athletic programs or other persons who are in a position to influence the student’s choice of a school.”

Recruitment is defined by the AIA as “the act of influencing a student to enroll in a school or to transfer from one school to another in order that the student may participate in interscholastic athletics.”

No specific schools or players have been mentioned, but Mountain View did add several new players to the team who transferred in this off-season, including Demetrius DeShaun Flannigan and Bryce Coleman from Tucson High School. 

Mountain View Athletic Director Todd Garelick could not comment specifically on the allegations but did confirm the school was cooperating in the investigation. 

A source close to the situation, who wished not to be identified, believed that the allegations were without merit and there would be a positive result for the school. 

Mountain View Head Coach Clarence “Bam” McRae did not comment on the investigation, but did discuss the transfers in an interview with the Explorer News last week. 

McRae stressed that neither he nor his assistants recruit players, but have tried to make the Mountain View program a destination for players across the city. 

When he hired McRae three years ago one of the main selling points for Garelick was McCrae’s relationship with players and youth football programs through his personal training business. 

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