Sheriff Paul Babeu


Randy Metcalf/The Explorer

The Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association (AZCPOA) formally endorsed Sheriff Paul Babeu for re-election. The labor organization represents 2,500 correction officers throughout Arizona, and many reside in Pinal County with their families.

Kevin McClellan, AZCPOA president said, "Paul Babeu is a great leader, who has delivered results. Not only have the emergency response times improved, Sheriff Paul has increased neighborhood patrols, focused on training and new technology to help his staff do their jobs. We support and proudly endorse Sheriff Paul Babeu for re-election. Sheriff Paul understands the need to ensure our prisons and county jails are secure to keep the criminals behind bars and away from our families. This requires proper facility and equipment maintenance, new technology and continual staff training to ensure that we can meet any threat."

Sheriff Babeu said, "I'm proud to earn the endorsement from our correctional officers who help keep Pinal County safe. Many correctional and detention officers live locally and they need to know they have our full support and deep appreciation as protectors of our community."

Sheriff Babeu continued, "Our own Pinal County Jail recently received national accreditation for excellent security, health care, programing, facility maintenance, food services and the quality of staff training. We run the best Jail in Arizona and this is evidenced in our perfect 100% audit rating. We are the only Arizona Jail to receive these high marks and earn national accreditation. I'm so proud of our detention officers and civilian staff that are so disciplined and work hard to protect our families."

Sheriff Paul Babeu was named America's 2011 Sheriff of the Year, the first time an Arizona Sheriff has been recognized with this prestigeous honor by National Sheriff's Association. He reduced his budget by 10% while decreasing response times to emergencies by 50%. As a police officer, Babeu was awarded two medals for saving lives, and served as President of the Chandler Law Enforcement Association. A retired Major in the United States Army National Guard, he commanded Task Force Yuma, which reduced illegal border crossings by 97%, and served a tour of duty in Iraq.

Sheriff Babeu has an Associates Degree in Law Enforcement, Bachelor's Degree in History and a Masters of Public Administration. Babeu served for two years as the President of the Arizona Sheriff's Association and is a national leader on fighting illegal immigration, violent Mexican Drug Cartels and fighting the Obama/Holder administrations' Fast and Furious gun running program. Sheriff Babeu is a member of the American Legion, VFW, board member for the Arizona Peace Officers Memoral and National Organization for Victims' Rights.

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