Adam Kwasman

Adam Kwasman

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Republican Adam Kwasman, a Tucson native, is looking to take his knowledge in economics, finance, and legislative process into the Arizona House of Representatives, District 11, come the Nov. 6 General Election.

Three candidates are running for the position, two of which will earn a seat. Kwasman is competing with fellow Republican Steve Smith and Democrat David Joseph.

With a Master’s Degree in Economics from George Mason University, Kwasman currently works as a financial consultant, and previously worked at the Cato Institute Center for Constitutional Studies and on Capitol Hill. He also worked on Jesse Kelly’s campaign in 2010. 

Kwasman said his experience in these fields best prepare him for the seat, and will prove relative to many of the local, state, and national issues facing the country, particularly job creation.

“I am an economist,” he said. “I work in finance, and I understand what it takes to bring jobs to Arizona with a long term path. We have avoided the cliff of the legislature in the past year, and now we (Arizona) are number four in attracting new jobs. We need to be business friendly, and we need to focus on long-term prosperity, and reducing taxes on personal income, corporations, and properties.”

Kwasman added that it would do Arizona well to look at states like Texas to see how they are maintaining and attracting businesses.

Regarding education, Kwasman argues that despite calls from Democrats that Republicans are education-unfriendly, he would also fight to make sure the education system in Arizona is fully funded. 

“I’m absolutely shocked that they (Democrats) are saying Republicans are opposed to education because we believe in outcome-based benchmarks as opposed to throwing money at the teacher’s unions,” he said. “We want a multivariable education system that also brings more power to the parents. I trust the parents to do a better job selecting a school for their children than some bureaucrat.”

Kwasman believes with a decrease in burdensome regulations on businesses, Arizona could act as a catalyst toward economic recovery.

“I believe the recovery of the economy will start at the state level if we can limit the government and expand the free market,” he said. “We need to stand up against Washington. I absolutely adore my home state, and I cannot wait to represent my hometown and put Arizona on the long-term path to prosperity.”

If elected, Kwasman said his first priority would be to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, also known as ObamaCare.

Another priority of Kwasman’s would be enforcing Senate Bill 1070.

“Washington has failed, so Arizona has to act,” he said. 

Kwasman is endorsed by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tucson-Metro Chamber of Commerce, the National Rifle Association, and the Arizona Farm Bureau, among others. 

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