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Hellon, McDaniel file complaints against Republican nominee Ally Miller

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  • JerryR posted at 5:36 am on Sat, Jul 13, 2013.

    JerryR Posts: 10

    Ally Miller was just cleared of the campaing violations charges. Hellon and McDaniel are dispicable for making these false allegations against a fellow Republican. These guys have proved themselves to be bitter losers and should just "go away" as we don't need these type of people in politics.

  • BrianClymer posted at 11:09 pm on Tue, Sep 4, 2012.

    BrianClymer Posts: 7

    Suan, I don't think these complaints can be so easily dismissed. Deb Wiesel did work with Ally Miller. She likely had access to Miller's campaign strategy, so even if Wiesel later cut ties with Miller, Wiesel still would have had insight and knowledge about Miller's campaign. That would be helpful in knowing where to spend the money for the "independent expenditure" campaign which was funded by a developer. Also she used the same pictures. That shows a connection. The fact that Ally Miller refused to respond to Thelma Grimes' request for comment fits a pattern. Ally Miller refuses to acknowledge people who question her. She refuses to speak with Jim Nintzel after he exposed her charge that $430 million was missing from the County Transportation Dept as baseless. She refused to fill out the candidate questionnaire the Explorer had for the Dist. 1 Board of Supervisor candidates. Now she refuses to return Thelma Grimes' request for comment on the complaints against her of campaign finance irregularities. Ally Miller is arrogant, and we certainly don't need an arrogant politician funded by developers on the Board of Supervisors.

  • suan posted at 12:51 pm on Thu, Aug 30, 2012.

    suan Posts: 4

    Well, I am sure glad those two gentleman did't win, they appear to be pretty STUPID. This Deb Wisel , appears to be a great deal sharper than the two gentlemen. Perhaps they didn't bother to do any research, Sounds like Ms Wisel checked with her attorney, according to the article and advised the candidates she was working with, that she had to discontinue working with them. Ms Wisel need to go after these TWO KEYSTONE COPS FOR TRYING TO RUIN HER REPUTATION and further business.


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