The Club

Betty J. Barry published her first novel, The Club, on May 10 of this year. Barry goes by the name of Elizabeth Fellers, is retired and in her early 60s.

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Her favorite place was the library. It was quiet, relaxing and allowed for her to get lost in the pages of a book and let her mind escape into another world as she turned one page after another. Even at an early age, Betty J. Barry knew that she would one day write her own book.

It wasn’t until this year that Barry, who goes by the pen name of Elizabeth Fellers and now in her early 60s, found the time to sit down and write her first novel.  

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer but I knew I just had all this life to live before I did that,” said Barry. “Now I was done raising my kids and after I retired I planted myself in front of computer and started typing away.”

Barry’s book The Club is a story about a family who spends their summer in northwestern Wisconsin and becomes a part of the country club where they meet members and are exposed to life-long traditions in the community. The story takes the family through a hit and run murder, heartache and love affairs.

“I chose Wisconsin because it’s just such a special place to me. Families spend every summer here and people keep coming back from generation to generation,” said Barry. “It’s a real interesting place to study and that’s why I chose it for the setting of the book.”

Barry had always wanted to write her own novel, but it was the constant encouragement and critique from the women in her Creative Writers Group that pushed her to publishing her own book. 

“The group is more of a discussion time for everyone and just a great support system. Alexis Powers, she writes a column for the Arizona Daily Star every Thursday, at one point told me to just get my story published.”

On May 10 Barry’s book was published. She’s already about half way through writing her second book and is planning to write a third book. None of these are sequels to The Club.  The book can currently be bought on or the Kindle.

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